Pulling Back the Veil – Meet Akara Sophia

Hello!  And welcome to the Return of the Temple. I am Akara Sophia – a contemplative mystic, scholar and spiritual teacher, who carries the living transmission of of ḥwt-ḥr – the House of Horus – and the teachings of Isis to the modern world.

My path has been a winding one with many strange and even supernatural occurences. At 20 years old I had a powerful and spontaneous spiritual awakening that left me dazed for years to come.  A portal to one of my past lives opened, and through the guidance of ascended and embodied masters over 7 years I slowly began to integrate the gifts, wisdom & power of that lifetime, which was directly connected to the Goddess Hathor.

While I serve in the capacity as a teacher and channel for this ancient & nearly forgotten Goddess lineage now, my passion for the Divine extends far beyond the context of Ancient Egypt!  I love God through every name and face and form and all religions, and especially through the nameless, faceless and formless One that unites them all.

I am an initiated Tantrika in the Vajrayana path of Tibetan Buddhism, and my deepest devotion is anchored in service to my spiritual Master – Avatar Meher Baba – for whom every inch of grace of my own path and that which flows through me, comes.

One aspect of Baba’s mission was to “revitalize” the true essence of “all religions and cults” and “bring them together like beads on one string” (Meher Baba, God Speaks, 2nd Edition). I see my work as being part of that Great Effort – in the lifting up of a now obscure Goddess cult to its true reflection as a Face of God.  Certainly, there is great healing for us who resonate with Divine Feminine spirituality in having the grace, dignity and truth of our traditions honored once more, especially in face of the historic persecution devotees of the Goddess faced.  Moreso, I believe that the grace of Feminine Wisdom is needed now to restore balance to our planet, as we pass through this, at times turbulent, shift of the Ages.

Today, I live in Egypt with my husband, Hassan, who is himself a powerful visionary and old, pharaonic soul! We are building Amarna – a Temple Home & Retreat Center on the West Bank of Luxor and organize tours across Egypt that inspire the soul.