The True Temple is the Earth itself.

Our bodies. This world. This Precious Human Life. 


From time immemorial there have always been those keepers of the Temple of Creation – stewards between the manifest and unmanifest realms, tenders to the heartbeat of Life itself – those who keep “the company of the Gods.”

This is a place for those souls –

A point of connection, learning, revelation and empowerment.

A place for us to gather and be strengthened in our shared mission…

As the eyes and ears and heart of Creation’s awakening – through our own personal experience & daily lives. 

Return of the Temple

The Return of the Temple is an online mystery school and temple arts network anchored in the lineages of the Rose & the teachings of Akara Sophia.

Sophia is the personification of Wisdom in the Hellenic Mystery School traditions

Here we honor the pursuit of wisdom through:

  • Direct, personal experience
  • The study of the spiritual laws of Neter (nature) &
  • The way of Love – the eternal grace of the Divine Mother, which sanctifies all life

Featuring online courses, retreats & trainings in the Egyptian Temple Arts traditions, Sacred Sexuality, Divine Feminine Mysticism & the Venusian Path of Awakening through Divine Love – TMPL brings ancient wisdom to the modern world, awakening the Heart of Creation one soul at a time! 

About Our Founder

Akara Sophia

I am a mystic, scholar & spiritual teacher who carries the living transmission of ḥwt-ḥr – the House of Horus – and the teachings of Isis as a Spiritual Path of Liberation through Divine Love.


What is the Rose Lineage?

In relation to Earth, Venus traces the shape of a 5-petaled rose in the Night Sky reminding us of love’s beauteous influence on Creation.  The Lineages of the Rose refer to those souls who walk The Venus Path – the path of awakening through Divine Love.  Anchored here on Earth through multiple Goddess lineages – including those of Hathor, Isis, Ishtar, Inanna & Aphrodite – as well as many more names sprung from countless cultures across the planet, the Rose Lineage is an eternal transmission from the Feminine Divine, which whispers fruits of realization through the Heartsong of Creation & the at times piercing path of surrender to Universal Love.

What is TMPL?

TMPL stands for “Temple” which honors the lost temple arts traditions of the ancient world. A world anchored in the mythic significance of man’s place between Earth & Sky – where megolithic monuments, oracles, and ritual temple spaces sprinkled the lands and rulers were seen as forms of God- this strikingly alternate reality-system might seem foreign to us today, but its wisdom is timeless and influences us still:

Through our deep ancestral memory…
Through the magic of living in the mythic dimension of Earth’s fields…
Through the hero & heroine’s journey of our own paths of self-mastery…
And through the crisis of awakening that is upon us in today’s time…

Why "The Return?"

The last temple to Isis fell in 394 AD.

According to ancient prophecy, the face of the Mother would sleep for 1600 years, returning to the planet at a specific time which has already come to pass –

January 12th, 2020

Right when coronavirus broke out across the planet.

A global attunement of Earth’s planetary fields took place that year…

And the Mother Consciousness is genuinely returning.

If you pay attention to the truth beneath the fray of resulting chaos that has since ensued, you will notice that we are living in a much different state of consciousness now then we were before this time.

  • People across the Earth are realizing their connection to one another
  • “What happens in China” no longer stays in China-  if you catch my drift!
  • Humanity is becoming aware of itself as one planetary species.
  • Corruption in global leadership is currently being exposed, en masse.
  • People are demanding change, truth & justice. 
  • There is a humanitarian cry breaking out across the planet the likes of which we have never seen before
  • And the sins of the last age – the compounded trauma of milleniums of tribal & imperial warfare – is currently being purged

It is the birth of a New Age…

Yet it will not be without bloodshed.

Isis births the rightful heir to the Throne of Power of this world.

And a battle for that Throne of Power must inevitably ensue.

As we progress through this challenging time, remembering the love, wisdom & compassion of the Mother Principle can be a refuge for us “in the eye of the storm”…

Remembering her heroism, cunning, fierce protection & powerful magic – an empowerment in face of the chaos of a changing world order.