10 Signs You Are a Reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestess

“Once upon a time sexual women ruled the world. They were independent, empowered and embodied love.”

This is a quote from an article written by Anaiya Sophia on the Sacred Sexual Priestess called “Why Prostitutes Should Rule the World.”

If you are unfamiliar with the archetype of the Sacred Prostitute, I highly recommend reading this article first to get acquainted with the lost Feminine Art of the Sacred Sexual Priestess and how she holds the power to heal the world.

After being viciously shamed, demonized and cast out of the collective consciousness- alas! The Sacred Sexual Priestess has been born again!

And if you are a woman wondering if you once walked this Goddess Path, read on.

It may be the KEY to healing your relationship with self, sexuality, men, money, & your personal power.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my own path and work in the Akashic Records and compiled a list of the top 10 Signs You are a Reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestess and how to embody this lost archetype of the Divine Feminine for healing, awakening & personal empowerment in the modern world.

1. You are highly sexually charged, and have been that way since childhood.

Sexual energy is a reflection of a person’s power.

People who are in touch with their sexual energy manifest a greater degree of personal power in the world, and being born with Extreme Amounts of Sexual Energy can be indicative of a Kundalini Rising – a sign that Your Soul is Ripe for the Spiritual Path.

Learning to transmute this energy properly is key to both our material & spiritual development, and in ancient societies this fact was not only known, but sacredly studied, guarded, and taught by the Sacred Sexual Priestess class.

Sacred Sexual Priestesses reincarnate with highly developed sexual natures, and an innate understanding for how to channel sexual energy for the Highest Good of All.

If you were highly sexually charged as a child and manifested a deep exuberance & celebration for the sensual experience of life… and especially if this nature was coupled with heightened spiritual gifts, extrasensory perception, and/or a longing/interest in the Divine, it’s highly likely you are a reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestess with a mission to re-awaken these lost arts for healing, awakening & personal empowerment in the modern world.

2. You “came in” doing sacred sexual healing work.

It may have been on your dolls, your siblings, your friends, or even yourself, but if you found yourself enacting sacred sensual massage, kissing, or touching as a child WITH an intense desire to heal or alleviate suffering, you were probably a Sacred Sexual Priestess in another life.

Feeling intuitively drawn to genital massage, and practicing this with compassion & innocence from a young age is a huge indication that you had past lives as a Sacred Sexual Priestess.

As you got older, you probably repressed this behavior, after absorbing sex-negative conditioning from the culture around you. You may have thought- What was I doing?  Am I perverted?  Morally wrong? 

NO, love- you’re not!  You were expressing your past lives in sacred sexuality!

And healing the shame around your gifts & inner Sacred Sexual Healer will be key to your personal empowerment in this present life.

3. You have positive magic around you when it comes to men.

If men fall madly in love and have done so your whole life…

If you are used to being courted, having love songs, gifts, and the Divine Masculine falling at your doorstep…

If all this happens without you seeking it…

And you sometimes feel like a “walking love spell”…

Chances are- you were a Sacred Sexual Priestess in another life.

Sacred Sexual Priestesses were living embodiments of the Goddess and mastered the Art of Receiving Sacred Courtship & Devotion.

This essence carries through lifetime after lifetime, and emanates from your very pores.

Men will feel attracted to you without fully knowing why, and will often act a fool in your presence (if you are healed & feel safe enough to truly radiate your Divine Essence.)

In a world of false, repressed, wounded, artificial, & desperately contrived Femininity, it is so rare to see a woman fully in the Sacred Feminine that it usually creates great waves of devotion in the hearts of all!

The more you heal your inner Sacred Sexual Priestess, the more effortless this attraction power comes, and the more easily you can draw to you whatever you need to support you on your path (no matter what you “look like” and without compromising your energetic integrity in any way at all.)

4. Romantic Love has been a direct catalyst to your spiritual awakening.

If your awakening came through a significant romantic relationship…

If falling in love is something that has always inspired you…

And if you feel drawn to Sacred Love, Sacred Sexuality, & Sacred Relationships as a spiritual path…

Chances are you were a Sacred Sexual Priestess in another life.

Love is the Heart of the Sacred Sexual Priestess Path and Tantra the method by which said Heart pumps its gifts into every facet of life.

The Sacred Sexual Priestesses studied the Masculine & Feminine Essence as Creative Principles of the Universe and learned how to to harmonize these Essences through the Expression of Love, which they saw as the Mystery of Life & Ultimate Reality of God.

Human love was a reflection of Divine Love, and contained the secrets of the Universe.  Thus, they honored human love as a Divine Template and a reflection of the Ultimate Spiritual Path.

5. You value freedom, and never felt a strong attachment to marriage & children.

Despite the fact that you are a “Natural Born Lover,” if the marital customs and traditional roles of women in today’s age never appealed to you much and you found yourself longing for a Love that broke the bonds of social conditioning, manifesting true & unlimited freedom, within & without…

Chances are, you were a Sacred Sexual Priestess in another life.

Reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestesses often feel conflicted about the path of marriage & children because they saw these roles through the onslaught of Patriarchy & repression of women/the Power of the Goddess.

This can result in a disinterest towards marriage, dysfunction in attracting and maintaining romantic relationships, and conflict around ideas of motherhood in your present life.

Please note!  This does not mean you won’t get married or have children!

What it does mean is that for you, you will deeply long to redefine gender, social, familial & marital roles in greater freedom, true love & the Path of the Goddess…

If you DO have conflict with either marriage or motherhood in this life, you will often need to heal your past lives as a Sacred Sexual Priestess before the path of marriage & motherhood opens & grounds fully for you in a blissful way.

This we do in the Magdalene Wounds 10-Week Course!

6. Secretly, you always wanted to marry God.

If, at the deepest level of your heart of hearts, you are a mystic. A Sacred Alchemist. A Priestess. And a woman in love with God…

If your soul longs for Divine Union with the thirst of a parched-lipped lover, under the heat of a 1,000 suns…

And your passion for spiritual development, service, & self realization seems positively inextinguishable.

Chances are you were a Sacred Sexual Priestess in another life.

The Priestesses of Sacred Sexuality married the Beloved in their Hearts, and were the ultimate gopi’s of the Bridegroom of Existence.

God to them was a Great Romance, and while they manifested Great Power & abundance in the material realms, the greatest & most advanced Sacred Sexual Priestesses were always deeply detached to men & the material world, longing for the Inner Light of the Beloved WITHIN as their ultimate Source of Fulfillment.

This allowed them to manifest states of Spiritual Rapture, which they channeled THROUGH the body and material nature by virtue of their complete surrender, acceptance & energetic non-resistance (non-attachment) to the physical plane.

In layman’s terms, they had a “lose relationship” to men, money, & materialism.  Large amounts of these energies could “pass through them” without “stickiness” or karmic attachment… But only so far as their Hearts were focused completely on the Divine.

If you are a reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestess and have blocks to attracting or receiving either men or money in your life, it is ALWAYS an indication of a lack of Love for God… a wounded place in your heart where you must become MORE devoted to the Lord and LESS ATTACHED to the “outer form” as men, money or material/earthly desires.

7. You are deeply devoted to the path of Goddess & Sacred Feminine Embodiment/Empowerment.

If you love the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, and feel deeply drawn to women’s work, especially through sensual, material, bodily or romantic forms of expression…

Chances are you were a Sacred Sexual Priestess in another life!

The serpent was the symbol of the Sacred Sexual Priestess class, and many reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestesses will either feel highly attracted to or resistant to this animal totem in conjunction to their devotion to the Goddess, women’s work & Sacred Feminine Empowerment.

8. You are sexually attracted to other women.

Most Sacred Sexual Priestesses never married and lived communally with other women. The Temple, the Harem, the Sacred Grove, or the Cloistered Sisterhood was their true family & ultimate home. Sisters often served one another’s needs for deeper intimacy or sexual healing, and many reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestesses remember this at soul level.

Because of this, you may feel attracted to other women (either in addition to or even in exclusivity to men) and long for a circle of sisters around you in either your personal, home, or family lives.

This may have led you to question your sexual identity at various points in your life or ignited an interest in alternative life & love styles.

Many reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestesses heal tremendously when they open the doors to sacred sexual healing work with other women. This does not mean you are “gay!” It is a calling to an ancient art & respectful space, where the group energy of women can regenerate the vital lifeforce and deepen emotional intimacy in all your relationships!

9. You crave Independence, Wealth & Financial Prosperity.

Unlike other Priestess Classes, the Sacred Sexual Priestesses were always flushed with offerings and what we- in this day and age- would classify as some serious “cash.”

To the Sacred Sexual Priestess, financial abundance was par for the course when it came to serving the Goddess, and most Reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestesses feel destined to wield large degrees of Wealth & Power in the world (once the Magdalene Wounds are cleared of course!)

For many ages, the Sacred Prostitute was truly one of the ONLY social roles for a completely free & financially-independent woman, and this gives the “Sacred Slut” Archetype some serious mojo for the modern woman’s financial & personal empowerment.

However, you have to clear the false impressions, social conditioning, deeply negative belief systems, and ages & ages of social norms & constrictions from you system to redefine this energy in a new way to support your personal & financial empowerment in this present life!

Else you may manifest some seriously mis-aligned ways of creating income (“whoring” yourself to a job you hate) or remain stuck in deep blocks to financial abundance (because you subconsciously associate making money with negative associations of being a prostitute, whore or “selling out”)

10. You experienced sexual abuse, shaming, severe trauma or ostracization in your life.

Most Sacred Sexual Priestesses were severely shamed, demonized, & cast out during the transition to world Patriarchy. Reincarnated Priestesses carry these wounds at soul level , and often out-picture them as shameful or traumatic events, sexual abuse experiences, rapes, “black sheep” syndrome or other damning stigmas- from mental illness, addictions, & PTSD to being cast out of our families, marriages, or social groups when our romantic, sexual or spiritual natures begin to activate or reveal themselves.

You may have even felt these wounds activating as you read this article or even being projected from you yourself!

If you are a reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestess, these experiences will likely be defining moments in your life path, and probably seem unduly crippling to your personal power. You may be terrified of visibility and sabotage nearly every effort to step into your power because of them.

One of the only ways to heal this, is to clear your Akashic Record of the trauma and retrieve the soul fragments of your Sacred Sexual Priestess Archetype on a spiritual, mental & emotional level, allowing your inner Power to emerge & truly shine once more!


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