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Heal the 3 core wounds of the Divine Feminine: the Witch, the Bitch & the Whore. These 3 wounds were carried by Mary Magdalene & correlate to the false perception of her as a 1. a prostitute, 2. a woman possessed by demons & 3. the woman waiting to be stoned…

Immerse yourself in the mysticism of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor – the Grand Mother of the Magdalene lineage & Mistress of Civilization. Learn about the 12 sacred faces of Hathor & discover the lost wonders & planetary mysticism of our ancient ancestors on sacred sensuality.

Lilith is the spirit of the First Woman who lives within us all. A force connected to the primordial origins of Feminine Power, she is the mistress of the primal lifeforce, fierce warrior goddess, great grandmother, crone, and the wisdom of the wild woman who lives within us all…

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May 20 – July 5th


Discover enchantment! Through the 12 faces of Hathor…


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Meet the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love, Music, Fertility & Sacred Sexuality. Hathor is the Sky Goddess – the Mother of Stars – and her mysteries reveal a lost sacred tradition in the arts of Cosmic Play, Romance & Sacred Sexuality. 

Did Yahweh have a wife? And if so, why was she retired from the canon of Judaic scriptures? This seminar explores the lost fertility Goddess traditions of the Ancient Near East and the campaigns that led to their demise, historically. 

Trainings & Retreats

Pilgrimage to Egypt - Fall 2024

Embark on a journey of many lives! Our pilgrimage through Egypt follows the Nile River pathway of initiation – from its source in the Nubian desert to the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Temple Arts of Sacred Union - Facilitator Training

A comprehensive training in the mysteries of Sacred Sexuality, Divine Love & the Art of Sacred Union, TASU is a temple arts training for the Priest/Priestess of Love within you.

Travel that inspires the Soul . . .

Organizing pilgrimages, tours, and retreats for mystics, scholars & spiritual seekers in the land of Ancient Egypt.

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The True Temple is the Earth itself. Our bodies. This world. This Precious Human Life. From time immemorial there have always been those keepers of the Temple of Creation – stewards between the manifest and unmanifest realms, tenders to the heartbeat of Life itself – those who keep “the company of the Gods.”


Stay with Us in Egypt

Amour-Ra Retreat Center in Luxor, Egypt – to be open by Fall 2024.  Offering luxurios 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for short or long term rentals with all the Western comforts and amenities, we aim to provide a safe. nourishing & sacred space of beauty for international guests longing for a deeper immersion into the mysteries of Ancient Egypt